Luxury mattresses in Monaco
Etichetta BATFLEX - RED LABEL 2022 - 18x11 cm

The office: 17, avenue albert ii
98000  Monaco

+377 99 90 83 36

Batflex Yachting: at sea, just like at home.

Design for Yacht

Batflex designs and develops mattresses made in Italy that are 100% customizable in terms of sizes, dimensions, thicknesses and shapes. You can also select the cover for each mattress.

Batflex is aimed at all shipyards for fitting out cabin interiors. Indeed, Batflex has developed a line intended for beds for owners, customers and crew.

Innovative solutions

To ensure maximum breathability, each mattress comes with special slats designed to:

  • Support the mattress, contributing to a perfect sleeping experience
  • Elevate the mattress above the support surface, which improves its breathability


The Batflex advantage

Sleeping well and feeling at home is the main desire of guests, because nothing is more important than a good night's sleep.

Batflex has developed mattresses for yachts and created products that guarantee breathability and durability even in very humid environments. It also has ventilation systems and differentiated springs to make the mattresses comfortable and suitable.

But rest is not only about the mattress: every Batflex product, from mattresses to pillows and mattress protectors, is designed to offer the best possible well-being to the customer and contribute to his complete satisfaction.

All the products in the crew line are customizable in terms of size, shape, thickness and type of coating.