Luxury mattresses in Monaco
Etichetta BATFLEX - RED LABEL 2022 - 18x11 cm

The office: 17, avenue albert ii
98000  Monaco

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Line Shipowners

The Armateurs line is designed for owners and guests

This line for owners and guests offers two types of mattresses: Platinum and Elite.

The platinum mattress has a height of 33 cm and this one offers an interchangeable mattress topper in order to adapt as much as possible to your requirements and those of your guests.

You will find three types of mattress toppers:
- Farm
– Balanced comfort
- Costs

Platinum is a versatile mattress with multiple air permeability solutions.

As for the Elite mattress, it is an elegant product that offers in a single product, the technology of pocket springs and the advantages of shape memory in order to offer you the best support.