Luxury mattresses in Monaco
Etichetta BATFLEX - RED LABEL 2022 - 18x11 cm

The office: 17, avenue albert ii
98000  Monaco

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The Batflex Philosophy

Each Batflex model is born from a requirement, from the study of the morphology, posture, body and preferences of our customers. Paying attention to the choice of mattress means taking care of yourself and respecting your body and its needs.

The BATFLEX team collaborates with engineers and materials experts, posturology consultants, physiatries, sleep professionals and scientists. Together they collaborate to create mattresses and pillows that meet the different needs of those who choose to trust our brand.

The Sleep Experts

Batflex mattresses and pillows in hotels

Sleeping well means living better every day. Sleeping well and feeling at home is the main wish of the host because nothing matters more than a good night's sleep.

Sleep deserves its rightful place and it is important to get enough and good sleep to face the challenges of each new day. It is not always easy to sleep in a hotel, especially if you travel often.

That's why Batflex is committed to offering tailored solutions to give you the best possible experience and make you feel at home at the hotel.