Luxury mattresses in Monaco
Etichetta BATFLEX - RED LABEL 2022 - 18x11 cm

The office: 17, avenue albert ii
98000  Monaco

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Haute couture

Batflex's couture line is aimed at luxury hotels but also at individuals who wish to live an exclusive rest experience.

Batflex's sleep philosophy stems from the certainty that good rest is one of the three essential aspects for a healthy lifestyle, along with a balanced diet and the right physical activity. Devoting meticulous attention to the choice of mattress means listening to your body and taking care of it.

For this reason, the Batflex team studies the morphology, possible pathologies, posture, lifestyle habits and needs of the person and carries out the best project that can meet the customer's requirements and prevent the most serious problems and disorders. common

The first phase
A team of experts will ask you specific questions about all the aspects that influence the determination of the perfect mattress, here are some aspects.
It is only after having identified all the necessary elements that each department will get to work, in synergy to create your best rest. Each element of the mattress will have been designed, chosen and studied for the person who will have to rest on it.
The engineers, together with the posturologists, orthopedists and physiologists, design and advise, according to the needs, habits and possible pathologies, the composition of internal materials most suitable for the client.
The team of allergists and Fabrics Experts in synergy with stylists and designers, select the best fabrics, hypoallergenic, anti-mite, antibacterial and eco-sustainable, but also thermoregulatory, antiperspirant.

The customer can choose between valuable, Italian and elegant fabrics, fine textile fibers, such as cashmere, merino wool, linen, and each coating can be embellished with luxurious gold finishes and precious materials.

The second stage

Batflex's most expert technicians will assemble the materials. The tailors will then be able to start working the fabrics and fabrics previously chosen by allegorists and expert fabrics.

During the quality control phase, the products are examined to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards, both in terms of structural characteristics and textile and aesthetic finishes.

Quality control also includes checks and inspections of raw materials and all process components to maintain the highest standards of efficiency and quality.

In addition, during testing, new products are subjected to load and use cycles in order to verify their duration over time.

The entire production process is inspired by the pursuit of the goal of achieving the highest levels of quality and efficiency, with continuous innovations in the field of design and production aimed at offering a product always equipped with the best technology available to ensure the ideal rest.