Luxury mattresses in Monaco
Etichetta BATFLEX - RED LABEL 2022 - 18x11 cm

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98000  Monaco

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Conception et Design

Our experts are always on the lookout for technology to find the best production slots that are at the forefront of new techniques as well as world-renowned know-how.

The Batflex team works in close synergy with the manufacturers, therefore the highly specialized workforce and the selection of materials by engineers and experts, allows Batflex to offer different selections of products, able to meet the different customer needs.

The dynamic operational structure enables the production of fully customized high-end products to fit into the sartorial category.

You can choose among the different Batflex models with serenity, each product has characteristics that differentiate it by technology or by type and density of foams, but each mattress is made with meticulous attention and scientific research.

Each mattress, before being offered to the customer, passes the following tests and obtains the respective certifications:
  • Tested on body temperature: measured according to din standard in 1957.
  • Resistance test: based on the din standard in 1957. The resistance to change of position is measured with a roller described in the din standard in 1957, which is guided through the mattress with a vertical force at a uniform speed. The required horizontal force is measured.
  • Tested on Subjects: This test tests the sinking depth and resulting angular ratios of various test subjects with particular physical shapes. The effect of the shoulder pads is tested. Point elasticity is tested, which describes the maximum indentation depth of the user's shoulder and pelvis. The stabilizing property, which describes the behavior of the oscillation when the user lies down or turns over, is also tested.
  • Zoning test: verification of the classification of the zone described by the manufacturer. The hardness is determined by the length of the mattress. For this purpose, two dome-shaped test stamps are pressed onto the mattress along the midline.

The mattress liner is washed three times according to the manufacturer's instructions, then replaced on the mattress. Dimensional stability, color changes, resistance to tissue movement and other abnormalities are assessed.

Production monitoring: verifying that the producer is able to maintain consistent quality to specification throughout high volume production and has the necessary quality system in place, including control of incoming goods, lists of materials and testing of the final product.